• Greetings, Students, Parents, and Families!

    I am honored and excited to welcome you to the Bronzeville Classical School. Thank you for choosing us and embarking on this journey with me.

    As a school community, we offer a strong accelerated academic program and we emphasize teaching the whole child. It’s my belief that students should not only develop core academic skills, but they also need to learn how to work in teams, creatively solve problems, learn from mistakes, and pursue goals.

    To ensure that our teachers are meeting the individual needs of every student, Bronzeville Classical School will implement a personalized learning approach.

    We know from both experience and research, that learning styles vary from student to student. We also know that each student brings forth a unique set of skills and interests to the classroom. At Bronzeville Classical School, our teachers will move away from the “one size fits all” system.

    Each student will be made to feel empowered and develop into curious, self-directed lifelong learners. This will be critical for their success.

    To accomplish our mission, and strengthen our school community, we welcome parent participation. You are encouraged to participate as committee members, volunteers and chaperones. Your important voices will help shape our school’s climate and culture.

    Please, always feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or ideas.  

    Mrs. Nicole Spicer