• We are looking for Room Parents!

    Are you interested in being a Room Parent for your child's classroom? Room Parents act as the liaison between the teachers and classroom parents and provide direct support for the classroom as directed by the teacher.

    To express your interest in becoming a Room Parent, send an email to our room parent coordinator, Mrs. Townsend at  bronzevilleroomparents@gmail.com. if selected, you must:

    1. An email that you check regularly;
    2. Complete the CPS Volunteer Application Process, Level 1 (background check, finger printing and TB Test) by Friday, September 6th; 
    3. Attend a forma interest meeting. The date and time will be shared at the Parent Orientations and Back to School Picnic.

    At the mandatory meeting, the role and responsibilities of a Room Parent will be discussed and the final selection process will be shared. 


    To learn how you can become involved and explore our current volunteer opportunities, click here

    If you are not on the CPS Approved Volunteer List, you cannot be allowed to volunteer in any capacity inside of the school when students are present. You can become a CPS approved volunteer by signing up through CiviCore. 
    Please visit the site below and sign up today! 
    To Create Your CiviCore Account:
    1) Go to https://chicagopublicschools.civicore.com/admin/index.php?section=application&action=new.
    2) Select Bronzeville Classical School (There is another high school with a similar name)
    3) Complete the application.
    4) Check your e-mail.

    Prospective volunteers must register with FACE2 by completing the required CPS volunteer application forms and satisfying the requirements of the applicant review process each year. Registration is valid for one year only. All volunteers must disclose whether they have been convicted of any criminal offense enumerated in 105 ILCS 5/34-18.5(c). Misrepresentation on any of the application forms or during the review process may result in immediate disqualification of a prospective volunteer.

    An individual shall be deemed ineligible to volunteer if s/he has been:

    A. convicted of any criminal offense enumerated in 105 ILCS 5/34-18.5(c) of the Illinois School Code (“Enumerated Offense”);
    B. convicted of an offense that requires him/her to appear on a sex offender registry in any jurisdiction; or
    C. designated as ineligible for rehire by CPS.

    An individual with an indicated finding from the Department of Children and Family Services or with a criminal offense that does not per se exclude them from volunteer service may be deemed ineligible to volunteer as determined by the Chief Executive Officer or designee.
    To volunteer in any capacity or chaperone field trips, all must be approved at a minimum of Volunteer - Level II.
    A Level II Volunteer is:
    1. A parent providing supervised volunteer service in their child’s school or classroom for less than 10 hours/week.
    2. Any individual providing volunteer service for less than 5 hours/week at a school where s/he does not have a child enrolled;
    3. An individual providing one-day volunteer service with no ongoing individualized interaction with a student(s) including those who speak at a class/assembly, judge academic competitions, give musical performance, participate in the “Principal for a Day” program, job-shadowing event, corporate philanthropic event, organized community service event or other one-time event provided there is direct supervision of the activity/event by regular school employees;
    4. A parent accompanying his/her child’s class on a one-day field trip or another type of extracurricular activity that does not involve an overnight stay; or
    5. An individual providing volunteer service on projects/activities involving no or nominal contact with children (home-based volunteer activities, volunteers serving at Central or Network office).