• Our education model emphasizes authentic learning experiences by giving students the foundational knowledge to explore and acquire a conceptual understanding of the world around them. Through problem-based learning, students will be able to propose solutions to real world issues using the skills and concepts they are learning every day.

    Core Values

    Personalized Learning

    Instruction is designed to accomodate for social emotional needs, and academic strengths.  This includes:

    • Experiential lessons
    • Rigorous instruction, tailored to student
      needs, strengths, and interests
    • Whole-group, small-group, individualized
      and independent instruction based on
      student needs.

    Bronzeville Classical elementary has partnered up with the Institute for Personalized Learning to build our instructional program. For our first year of implementation, we are focusing on Learner Profiles. Learner profiles are co-created by educators and learners and comprised of rich, current information regarding each learner. They typically include at least four dimensions: demographic data, academic status, learning-related skill set, and potential learning drivers.

    To learn more about our learner profiles click here or watch this short video.


    Whole Child Education

    We believe in developing the whole child to prepare them for college, career and citizenship. Our curriculum is designed to:

    • Focus on the holisitic growth and 
      development of students
    • Provide structured physical movement
      and unstructured, self-directed play
    • Engage with nature and school community


    Service Learning

    To foster a sense of responsibility to the community in pursuit of a more jjust society, we will:

    • Empower students to develop confidence
      as thoughtful, effective agents of change
    • Encourage students to engage in service
      and reflection
    • Cultivate a climate where students can safely take risks
    • Inspire students to be active in their communities and 
      demonstrate civic leadership