• Vision

    The Sor Juana Community ignites life-long passionate learners on a journey to uncover and leverage their strengths in order to maximize their impact within the global community. 

    “We’re on a learning journey to help the world”.

    Classical Program

    The Classical program is a Selective Enrollment program that offers an accelerated academic program enhanced with a liberal arts component that addresses complexity, diversity and change in a learning environment. Students have the opportunity to work with like-minded peers at an accelerated level, up to one full year. In the primary grades, learning focuses on building content area strategies that lead to deeper, higher-order thinking in the intermediate grades.

    STEAM Program

    STEAM education expands knowledge in the five core disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. In addition, STEAM education also builds life skills that include logical reasoning, critical thinking, communication, structured problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity.