Transfer Process

  • High schools can accept transfer students depending on space availability and other factors, and based on the grade in which the student is enrolling. 

    Ninth Grade Students

    Students can be considered for a transfer to a Choice district or charter school for ninth grade during a designated transfer window only. The first transfer window opens July 1st and closes on the 20th day of school in September. (After the 20th day of school, the next transfer window opens at the end of the quarter.) 

    Ninth grade students can transfer to a Choice school/program with available seats, and after meeting any minimum eligibility requirements (NWEA MAP scores, grades, and/or attendance) and/or admissions screening requirements (auditions, information sessions, interviews) that the program may have. If the program selects students through a points-based system, students must also have a total point score that is at or above the program's cutoff score. Note that it is not possible to transfer into a Selective Enrollment High School at the ninth grade level.