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Personalized Learning

Why Personalized Learning?

As educators, it is our responsibility to provide a rigorous, holistic, and personalized education that empowers every single student. Personalized Learning sets us on the path to excellence and equity. From the early work of school innovators to our growing network of community partners, the CPS Department of Personalized Learning supports strong and innovative schools with opportunities to redefine the traditional school model in a way that meets the needs of each community, school, and student.

Personalized Learning is a learner-driven instructional model that fosters 21st century skills by empowering every student to actively co-design their learning path, pace, and environment according to their individual needs, strengths, and interests. Simply put, at the core of Personalized Learning is learner agency.

Under the CPS Vision, Personalized Learning will:

  • Improve access for all students to new models of teaching and learning
  • Improve academic and social-emotional outcomes for students
  • Empower teachers to tailor instruction and achieve greater professional satisfaction
  • Foster 21st century skill-building and learning experiences
  • Engage families through technology and out-of-school opportunities

Personalized Learning ​​in Action

In the video below, educators across Chicago Public Schools discuss Personalized Learning and its impact on student success. Watch the how and why of Personalized Learning in CPS.