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Science Teacher Overcame Rough Start, Now Encourages Students

An Albany Park elementary school eighth-grade science teacher wanted to make her lesson on ‘Harnessing Human Energy” more exciting and engaging for students. So what did they do? Designed and raced “Muscle Karts,” of course.

Karolina Towner, who has taught at the school for 20 years, said if her lessons aren’t fun and interactive, she finds ways outside of the box to make them interesting.

“I want to try to get them up out of their seat and apply what they’ve learned as much as possible,” Towner said.

She combines the new Amplify Science curriculum’s STEM-based projects with her own unique set of hands-on projects.

Her students said they appreciate it and agreed that she makes science “fun.”

“She’s not a boring teacher,” said 13-year-old Zaria Taylor. “It’s like every other two weeks we have a project.”

Lucrecia Ortiz, 14,  described her as “spunky.”

“I’ve enjoyed science a lot more since being in her class,” said Ortiz.