• The New Englewood STEM High School will open in the fall of 2019 starting with an inaugural freshman class, and will add one grade each subsequent year until it serves grades 9-12 beginning in school year 2022-23. There are no minimum eligibility requirements for this school, so all Chicago students are eligible to apply.  Student’s whose primary address are within the attendance boundary of the school, will be guaranteed a seat in the high school’s general education program.

    Englewood STEM High School will focus on a science, technology, engineering and math curriculum, and will be housed in a brand new, state-of-the-art facility, which will include world-class multipurpose educational spaces, a modern outdoor sports facility, and a school-based medical center for use by both students as well as community residents.  In addition to the stem curriculum, Englewood students will have an opportunity to participate in an array of student clubs, extracurricular activities, and a host of competitive sports programs.

    Through a unique collaboration that connects high school, college, and career, the New Englewood STEM High School will be paired with a City College and an industry leader, who will provide real-world experience and prepare students for high-demand careers in science and technology.

    MISSION STATEMENT: Englewood STEM aims to develop industry innovators through an accelerated career and post-secondary preparation program. Our graduates will excel in competitive academic institutions and the global workplace.

    VISION STATEMENT: Englewood STEM graduates will become influential innovators of industry and leaders in the local and global community.